Creative Lab Center (CLC) consists of experts from various disciplines such as marketing, design and technology. Our goal is to enhance and maximize the potentials of local resources in order to be recognized as premium products and services in the international level. We effectively execute our own creative and complete value-addition process based on the principle of giving and sharing to design and develop high quality local products. Our core strength is the teamwork and professional attitude. Thus, we work with professionals in multi-disciplines, well known experts, entrepreneurs, public and private organizations, corporations, national and local government units, research institutes, universities, funding agencies, local communities, and media to achieve develop our products and services. As a result, we can transfer knowledge, expertise, experiences and resources to local communities in order for them to acquire special and unique skills, obtain sustainable income, improve their well-being, and ultimately enhance the economy and society in different levels.

One of our key success factors is the market-to-design-to-development approach. Through our extensive expertise and experience, we can identify market demands, develop creative story and premium brand, and produce products that give customers surprising values. We carefully choose raw materials or products from passionate local villagers, examine and identify the potential marketplace and customer needs, and integrate design and necessary technology into the products development. In addition, we love to turn waste into something valuable and attractive. Through our practical and effective training, local communities are able to develop the creatively transformed products by themselves. Most importantly, we ensure that their products are all sold to the identified buyers.

CLC is proud to only work and involve on projects with the following values:

  1. Design
  2. Creativity
  3. Quality
  4. Impact
  5. Community
  6. Sustainability

We hope that our work continuously makes impact to the lives of local communities and inspires others to give and share. Let's make the world a better place for our future generations "together".