Love is to Share, to Share is to Care

The project iShare is originated from the word “Pan Gan Lae”, which is the southern Thai dialect meaning “Please, share with me”. The iShare project involves the social activities, social enterprises, career establishments and developments, in order to return the benefits to the local communities. The flagship product of this project is Banana Bract Box by Banana Tree Society. Since banana trees are abundant in Thailand and the surface texture of banana stem is very interesting, the project team increases the value of banana stems by converting it to Banana Bract Box.

The Banana Bract Box gives this value concept “Please, let me share with you” because love is to share and to share is to care. When you open the box, the “Please, let me share with you” blessing will make you smile and the aromatic citrus fragrance inside the box will evoke your state of mind. The Banana Bract Box is eco-friendly because it is made from locally available natural materials with minimum energy usage in the product development and packaging processes. The package design considers reusability, renewability, and multifunctions. Tourniquets are used as ribbons and can also be used as rulers or bookmarks. The hidden magnet embedded in the box cover also make it easy to open and close.

We would also like to acknowledge the following sponsors who have been providing tremendous supports to the iShare project