Wellness Sustainability

Bird is one of the indicators of fertility and natural balance of an area, which can be observed by the variety of types and species. Yala province, Thailand has maintained the integrity of nature with forest, river, streams, and trees echoing through birds in the ancient axe handle shape land. In Bala Hala forest, due to its various biodiversity and the beauty and voice of birds, the villagers passionately began to breed many species of birds, creating a special bond between birds and humans so that it’s been a local culture until present. People in Yala and neighboring provinces have developed relationships through birds breeding activities and competitions and these activities are held regularly at a village level to provincial level to national level to ASEAN level. These activities have generated income circulated in Yala and southern border provinces, extending the development of creative economy and creating an economic circle “Bird City”. This economic circle has created revenue to all the related business (upstream, midstream and downstream).

One of the upstream business is birds breeding, which is an economically breeding method without causing an imbalance of nature. This business also helps boost revenue and jobs for Yala people. Another upstream business is bird worm farming. Some of the midstream business are bird cages and accessories building, aviary clothes making, bird food, vitamins and supplements suppliers, and saba and barnyard farming. These business integrate social intelligence and local arts to generate commercial benefits with handcrafts and sophistication in creativity. Many of the downstream business are in services such as tea shops, restaurants, hotels, and transportations that indirectly benefit from the birds breeding activities and competitions. Local souvenirs are considered the major beneficiaries of the bird competitions, creating jobs and generating income for the local people.

As a result, Yala Municipality has an idea to add and create value to the local wisdom and resources through creativity in order to generate jobs and income for the local people. This will also help expand the city’s creative economy in a sustainable way. In collaboration with the Creative Lab Center (CLC), there are five creative products for the “Yala Bird City - Wellness Sustainability” project.

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