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A Hundred Billion Memories

“A Hundred Billion Memories” is a memory book, which is created to maximize the potential usage of materials and to minimize waste based on the previous work of Creative Lab Center (CLC). Some small pieces (leftover) of banana stem waste from the “iShare” box (a multi-purpose box made by banana stem) are used to create the memory book. “A Hundred Billion Memories” is also designed to be one of the Yala Bird City’s products, having the “San-Suk Bird” or “Happy Bird” as a logo. The memory book gives a special and unique experience, making it attractive to carry and to keep memories. It comes with a special multi-purpose handbag with a nametag. The handbag can be used as a mobile phone or accessories holder as well.

The design concept of “A Hundred Billion Memories” was “minimal waste”, which was based on the intention to minimize waste from the production of the “iShare” box made by CLC. Some leftover banana stem pieces that could not be used to make the “iShare” box were then used to wrap the memory book cover. Inside the memory book consisted of recycled papers having different colors and sizes placed together for keeping a variety of memories.

Remarkable features of the “A Hundred Billion Memories” design are: (1) employing the “minimal waste” concept by using the leftover banana stem from the production of the “iShare” box, (2) utilizing recycled papers leftover from the printing factory instead of regular papers in order to go with the “minimal waste” concept, and (3) dividing the memory book into three sections having different sizes and colors for keeping a variety of memories.

The initial design concept of “A Hundred Billion Memories” was the extension of the “iShare” box production, which was originated from the passion to help the local communities in the southern provinces of Thailand affected by the unrest and unstable economy. As a result, helping the local communities generate stable and sustainable income was the heart of the solution. CLC used creativity to add value to the existing natural resource regarded as “waste” in the community by making it a premium product. Not only does “A Hundred Billion Memories” add value to the local resource, it also reduces waste and increases sustainable income to the local communities.

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