A salt and pepper ceramic set on a rubber tree tray

“San Suk” is a salt and pepper set, which is created to maximize the potential usage of materials and to minimize waste. The rubber waste from the rubber manufacturing process is converted into a salt and pepper tray. The salt and pepper containers are ceramics, which are made by the local community. The shape of the containers are “San Suk” bird, which is also the logo of “Yala Bird City”.

The design concept of “San Suk” was “minimal waste”, adding value to rubber waste from the rubber manufacturing process by converting it into a beautiful salt and pepper tray. Remarkable features of the “San Suk” design are: (1) employing the “minimal waste” concept by converting the rubber waste into the salt and pepper tray, (2) stressing on the natural pattern of the rubber, particularly the burn mark, which demonstrates the uniqueness and charm by nature, and (3) designing the salt and pepper containers to be “San Suk” bird, which shows the “Yala Bird City” brand.

The initial design concept of “San Suk” was the intention to maximize the usage of wastes by value addition process through creativity. As a result, “San Suk” is part of the solutions in solving environmental problems. In addition, the salt and pepper ceramics are made locally by the community in the southern provinces of Thailand affected by the unrest and troubled economy. Therefore, “San Suk” also helps increases sustainable income to the local community, which is also the key to solve the social and economic problems.

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